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Metal packaging –
versatile, safe and sustainable

Tinplate is the first choice as packaging material when it comes to protection and versatility. Whether it is food or DIY products, cosmetics or hazardous materials: With tinplate there are hardly any limits as far as packaging is concerned, neither in terms of packaging material nor size.

When rolled thinly, this so-called packaging steel is malleable, robust and one hundred percent leak-tight. Furthermore, tinplate can be infinitely recycled 100 percent and without any loss of quality, for steel always remains steel.

Thanks to there features, tinplate packaging is amongst the most sustainable packaging material in every respect. Its recyclability protects the natural resources of future generations whilst reducing CO2 emissions considerably during the production of new steel products.Thus, tinplate packaging can positively support trade and industry in its sustainability strategies.

Recycling potential

When iron ore and scrap steel are processed into steel at the steelworks, the recycling process already starts virtually from the very beginning since all tinplate packaging innately contains a certain proportion of scrap steel.

After refining the produced packaging steel in the tinplate plant, packaging of different types and sizes can be produced from this: tins, canisters, bottles, closures etc., which

find their way back to the reusable materials container or yellow sack for recycling after use. At the same time, this magnetic material makes the automatic separation of unmixed scrap particularly easy. In the scrap metal press, the extracted raw material is pressed into space-saving bales of scrap for processing again into steel at the steelwoks.

Video: Tinplate Recycling

Tinplate – the intelligent packaging

Tinplate offers numerous benefits for your contents in terms of marketing, filling, transportation and product handling.


  • protects against damage
  • is conductive
  • protects against moisture and oxygen
  • requires no secondary packaging
  • can be kept for long periods and is storable
  • can withstand high temperatures
  • offers excellent print quality
  • is resistant to solvents
  • protects against heat and light
  • is unbreakable and impact resistant
  • protects against dirt, parasites and bacteria
  • is ferromagnetic
  • underscores the value of your contents
  • stands out on the sales shelf
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